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We are a voluntary Home Owners Association (HOA). Your yearly contribution allows us to do one or more of the following activities (listed in order of priority):

  • Pay our landscape maintenance crew
    • We, as an HOA, are responsible for all the common areas including the landscaping on the street side of the brick fences along both Independence and Legacy
  • Pay our electric bills
  • Pay our water bills
  • Have community get togethers with treats such as the ice cream social during National Night Out
  • Perform large projects
    • Replace lost/stolen/missing neighborhood signage
    • Repair broken neighborhood lighting
    • Repair/replace neighborhood greenery
    • Do seasonal plantings at entrances

Your HOA dues (currently $180.00/$185.00 if paying by credit card) are due Oct 1st.

You can pay online here or, if paying by check, there is a form located here.